Friday, October 11, 2019

Crisp mornings, cool but mostly sunny days, and turning leaves are the sure-fire signs of fall! I can’t believe it’s October. Where did the year go? Granted, mine was caught up in non-ordinary things, like spending time in a hospital and having surgery twice. And taking care of my husband who had surgery three times. But beyond that? We’ve visited with family, been all over the area with my husband’s sister, and thoroughly enjoyed the precious resources we have in this area.

One of the traditional events in Crescent City is the annual Sea Cruise in October. For three days, owners bring cars of all types, mostly vintage, to drive through our streets, display at Beachfront Park, and to perform burnouts to thrill the public. They also have a parade as the evening is about to wind down, which people line up all over Crescent City to watch. The weather was stellar and the music very good.

Crescent City Downtown Divas’ First Friday Event presents a monthly venue of artisans, music, and ways to get to know local businesses, with a highlight on businesses owned by women. This one month each year, they partner up with Sea Cruise, so it makes it double-fun for the community and for visitors.

I was invited to participate and a fellow writer came with me. I don’t have his permission to share his name, but I did post our pictures from the event.

It was a special night for me, because I was able to add my new book, Grace Without Grace Stumbling into Romance, to my table! 

Then on Saturday, it was back to the local Farmers’ Market, and it was a beautiful day. It was just as exciting to have the new book on sale there. I’ll be back the remaining three Saturdays of October, after which the Market closes for the year (barring bad weather, of course--books don’t like rain.). I’m looking forward to watching the days change, and I also look forward to rainy days that give me an excuse to write and long winter nights where I can cuddle up in a blanket with my favorite book.

Before we know it, Christmas will be here!

Hope all is fantastic in your part of the world. Thank you for sharing a part of it with me by visiting my blog. Happy reading!

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Just past the halfway mark on the Blog Tour with Loving the and Grace Without Grace, Stumbling into Romance. Lots of good comments and bloggers from all over the world! 

I did have one moment of sadness when I found Amazon made a mistake on my delivery date for the paperbacks. I take the books to book signings, and here, locally, to the Farmer's Market on Saturdays. 

I was supposed to have the first order on Monday, but they let me know that the delivery date was posted in error. It's next Monday, September 16th. 

That means that I won't have them for the Market until Saturday, September 21st. But it works, right? 

I hope to see my local friends and fans then, or any time through the end of October when the Market ends.

Meanwhile, tune in to the Tour! See what's going on.

Here's the latest blog, Beautiful Blessings 86. It's one of many lovely blogs that have posted this last week.

Just click the link below, enter the contest it you'd like, and then follow the link to Lovingthebook and click on conversation. It should take you to all of the other blog posts.
I meant to put this in a week ago, but we had one heck of a week after the cover reveal day.

My sister-in-law came to visit from Southern California, and with only a week for her to get to know our Wild Rivers' Coast area, we had to hustle to see everything she was dying to see--and we were dying to show her.

Around us is some of the most pristine forest in the world, a cold rain forest, but it is a rain forest, some of the most rugged (and in our case undammed) rivers in the country, and the most spectular coastline.

So here a few picks!

Battery Point Lighthouse--still working and manned 24/7.
On the beat just before crossing over to the lighthouse. It was foggy at this time, but the gray beyond the bushes is the ocean.
Beautiful vista from near Endert's Beach south of Crescent City.

A gorgeous road through Trees of Mystery in Klamath California
From the Gondola at Trees/Mysery.

Again from the Gondola, and if there wasn't fog, you'd see the ocean in the far distance. Still breathtaking, right?
Sister in law couldn't get over how big, beautiful and unique these toppled giants' roots were. 

Monday, August 26, 2019

This is it!

The official Cover Reveal Day!

It's here! My new book cover! If you click on the "Contemporary Romance" tab above,  you'll see it again and learn more about the book! Let me know what you think!

Check out Lovingthebook's website and enter the drawing.…/grace-without-grace-stumble-…

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Here's the online Book Tour invitation. 
It's going to be lots of fun. Please join us.

Grace Without Grace, Stumbling into Romance 
by Susan Tietjen 
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Sep 6 at 9 AM – Sep 12 at 9 PM

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