Susan's epic fantasy novel Dragon Unchained is the first in the Dragon Unchained trilogy.

Lady Theona McArthur thinks opening The Keeper, a forbidden ancient relic, will help her find the love of her life. At least that’s what her dreams tell her. But instead of being shown where this handsome boy with violet eyes lives, she becomes possessed by evil spirits and is imprisoned for violating the laws of Kildaria.

Then rumors of war bring a foreign prince to seek an alliance with Kildaria, and Theona's shocked that Prince Gideon Seville is the young man of her dreams, the one with the violet eyes.

When Theona is condemned to death for transgressing the law, those evil spirits—the shades of sorcerers long dead—offer her one reprieve. Just learn to use magic she never knew she had to return them, and their two ferocious dragons, to mortality, and they’ll set her free. She has no choice but to comply, but she fears that if the sorcerers don’t destroy her, the lure of magic could. Her chance friendship with Prince Gideon blossoms into the love of a lifetime, but even together, will they have what it takes to beat the odds against evil sorcerers, magical dragons, war, and death?

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Reviews for Dragon Unchained

“A captivating, magical tale that I couldn’t put down. This story takes you to an exciting place where the reader gets immersed in fantasy, dragons, good versus evil, magic, and romance. When I finished the book I felt like I was leaving behind a good friend. Loved it!”
—Becca and Gary Hansen (Gary Hansen, author of Wet Desert and The Second Revolution,

 “Full-on from the very first page! Dragon Unchained is an exciting fantasy ride from beginning to end. Tietjen weaves an intricate plot around very well developed characters. There's lots of action and plenty of twists and turns, as Theona attempts to fight the sorcerers that threaten to overtake her. You'll be on the edge of your seat, turning the pages as fast as you can read to see what's going to happen next. It has all the wonderful aspects of magic, dragons, betrayers and tyranny.”
—Cindy M. Hogan, author of the bestselling Watched trilogy,

 Dragon Unchained is a beautifully written page-turner, a fantasy adventure hooking readers in as they follow the bright and vivid main character, Theona, through twists of fate that change her young world forever. Readers will be on the edge of their seats, thoroughly involved in the engaging world created by the author, one which pulls you in and leaves you wanting more from the moment you turn that last page.”
—Jessica Cole, reader

 Dragon Unchained is a brilliant debut. I was hooked from the first page, taken into a world of magic, intrigue, adventure, and romance. The author's writing is beautiful, and I found myself unable to put the book down. A fantastic read that will leave you wanting more.”
—Cindy Roland Anderson, author of the bestselling novels Discovering Sophie and Fair Catch.

 “Theona walks in two intricately developed worlds, one of magic and dragons, and the other of knights and castles, both at odds with one another. In this high-stakes novel, she must make difficult decisions and search for the right choices that will blend these two worlds, save her life, protect her home, and find the boy with the violet eyes. Readers will keep turning pages to find out how this gutsy heroine handles her impossible task.”
—Angela Woiwode, reader

 “Intriguing characters, majestic creatures, an impending war, and a swoon-worthy romance—all expertly woven together into a magical, irresistible tale. A must-read."
—Rebecca Rode, author of the bestselling Numbers Game


  1. I was fortunate enough to meet Susan at a First Friday in Crescent City, CA. She is as nice a person as she is gifted as an author. The following is the review I placed on Amazon for this wonderful book:
    I absolutely loved this book! You will cheer for Theona and Gideon. Fall in love with Theona's family and curse the antagonists in this well written book that pulls you in from the beginning and barely releases you at the end. There are twists and turns of intrigue, uplifting moments of love and hair raising adventures throughout along with enough magic to please everyone. I can't wait for the next book!.Read this, you will enjoy it.

    1. Thank you so m much, Melissa! Pardon my delay in responding. Family situations, including a member in the hospital, have had me engaged elsewhere, but I wanted to reassure you that I am nearly finished with the second book--which has been long in coming. Thank you, thank you for such a glowing review, and I enjoyed meeting you at the event. Wasn't it fun? So much going on. Perhaps we'll meet again.