Saturday, July 20, 2019

Announcing the Farmers Market and my invitation to participate.

I forgot to mention that today is Crescent City's weekly summer excitement, the Del Norte County Farmer's Market. I'll be there with my friends Esther and Liz. If you live in the area or are passing through, come look for our booth. Esther is "The Bag Lady", and she sells the most adorable carryall bags you've ever seen, and decorated kitchen or bath towels to hang on your stove or on the rod in your bath. She even does custom orders.

Liz is a fabulous photographer. She also travels, so besides taking beautiful framable pictures of the Northern California and Southern Oregon areas, she also has pictures from time to time of other places. Right now, she has one of a pair of zebras in Africa. Yes, she took them, there.

And little old me, I'll have my books there, too.

There's plenty of fresh produce, vendors selling everything from popcorn to fresh bread to sweet rolls, and places to buy tacos or other yummy foods. Check it out. Stop by. Say hi!

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