Saturday, July 20, 2019

I forgot to mention that today is Crescent City's weekly summer excitement, the Del Norte County Farmer's Market. I'll be there with my friends Esther and Liz. If you live in the area or are passing through, come look for our booth. Esther is "The Bag Lady", and she sells the most adorable carryall bags you've ever seen, and decorated kitchen or bath towels to hang on your stove or on the rod in your bath. She even does custom orders.

Liz is a fabulous photographer. She also travels, so besides taking beautiful framable pictures of the Northern California and Southern Oregon areas, she also has pictures from time to time of other places. Right now, she has one of a pair of zebras in Africa. Yes, she took them, there.

And little old me, I'll have my books there, too.

There's plenty of fresh produce, vendors selling everything from popcorn to fresh bread to sweet rolls, and places to buy tacos or other yummy foods. Check it out. Stop by. Say hi!

Some may disagree with me, but I swear winter, spring, and summer all came late this year. Early winter came with tons of rain but it wasn't that cold--until it froze. Did your gardens take it on the chin like mine did? Wow. I lost a few plants and others were badly injured and still haven't recovered. 

The cold seemed to last forever, and although the calendar said it was spring, I didn't see much proof. The same with summer. Here is it July (where did that come from? I'm still waiting for May), and although most of my flowers are trying to catch up, they aren't convinced it's safe out there, either.

The only ones who didn't get the memo were the birds, the bugs and the crud. The birds are all over our feeders, although the hummingbirds came later and have been a little quieter this year.

The bad things have gone crazy in my yard. I've come close to loosing all my roses to blackspot, aphids, different kinds of beetles and mites. My fuchsias have been clobbered by white flies and who knows what else, and my poor Hens-and-chicks had to have a complete transplant. I'll be pulling off dead leaves for a while, and that isn't something they like on a wholesale basis.

I only have to say, I'm glad those things don't seem to do much to the overall area, and I'm getting a handle on it. I also admit that it's been just "too cold" enough that I've accomplished some crazy things along with having some writing time, traveling time, writing time, movie watching time, a little more writing time, and some reading time. Yaaayyyy!

That means I have another book coming out soon! Hopefully before the end of August (2019, yes.). The title: Grace Without Grace, Stumbling into Romance. Poor Grace is clumsiness, bad luck, and a trouble magnet all wrapped up into one, and Rick is the guy who fell in love with her but wrecked their relationship five years ago. Second chances? Grace would rather eat bugs than deal with it but finds herself stuck with Rick for ten days in none other than a cabin in the woods. It's a clean, romantic comedy and I hope will be a fun read.

I'll do a cover reveal here within the next couple of weeks, and then we'll be off and running for the launch as soon as I have the date.

Now. Some fun pictures of the area and what it's trying to do carry on with looking gorgeous:

 Walker Road is the where you find the fern fields. They are breathtaking--one of many such places around here. Viva la Redwoods!