Monday, November 27, 2017

Rainfall reached record levels. Beautiful sights to remember on trips in and out of the area.

Our year has been crazy, beginning with a late winter-early spring wet season that was next to record-breaking. 100" of rain! Wow. Summer was slow getting started but turned into a magnificent, mostly warm, sometimes hot (80 degrees) season. Fall came on slowly, too, but the colors are magnificent. It's been both warm and cool but not so cold that the leaves are falling quickly. Most trees are still sporting them, some big and yellow or gold or rusty red, others, small and delicate, some still green, others red-brown or orange.

We enjoyed having my son, Ryan, visit from time to time. We visited in Sonora California with our daughter, Jessica Cole, and her family in June and went to Yosemite together. Awesome! My husband adjusted to his new job, and we enjoyed planting flowers in our little planter and taking frequent trips to our beach or up into the nearby mountains to enjoy the rivers and the forests.

Two of our favorite jaunts are to Medford, Oregon, and Eureka, California. Both are about two hours' trip, although the Eureka one is much easier. Not so many windy roads, and they're safer, too. We're also more likely to see elk and eagles.

The Grant's Pass and Medford stores and malls are better and more fun, however, and we love to eat at In&Out Burger. If you've never tried it... do! It's yummy, back to the basics of just plain good fast food (good quality, too), and for my sweetheart, who has celiac disease, gluten-free. 

I enjoyed some book-signings this summer and into fall. It was fun to meet the community and some of the tourists that visit this area every year. I have another one on the 1st of December, too. Looking forward to it. I also had the rare and special privilege of being the "featured author" at the Brian Scott Gallery in Brookings, Oregon, recently, where I was able to share my joy of writing and what inspired me to write Dragon Unchained. I likewise had the chance to learn about other artists' works and how and why some of them were done. Very, very interesting.

In August, my husband had the rare occasion to go deep-sea fishing. He had so much fun, and he caught his limit on ling cod and red snapper. Yum!

Also in August, our circumstances and my 90 year-old father's changed, and we moved again, back into his house. It was quite the fete. I didn't think I could take packing boxes again, but I guess we do what we've gotta do. Along with that, Dad has had to spend time in the hospital twice since we moved in and came home the second time just before Thanksgiving. I'm so glad he's doing better and grateful I have at least some skills at helping with his recovery care. 

Today, Thanksgiving Day, the parade is on TV, Dad and hubby are enjoying kicking back and relaxing and watching it, and I thought I'd grab this moment and wish everyone everywhere Happy Thanksgiving.


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