Friday, December 2, 2016

Release of Saving Lord Whitton's Daughter

I'm loving the change in seasons right now. Outside my window (at my daughter's house) are about 6" of brilliant white show, bare trees, and a glorious blue sky. How much more December can you get than that?

I'm also loving the official blog tour Loving the Book is doing for me. Have you checked it out yet? If not, take a look. Lots of fun and interesting things, and free giveaways, too!

What is Saving Lord Whitton's Daughter about?

Well, imagine a blend of a little The Scarlet Pimpernel and a little Jane Eyre.
A tad of mystery, a woman's dark secrets, a man with a mission, and a romance you'll love!

Available in both paperback and ebook at:   Saving Lord Whitton's Daughter

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  1. I've got this book in my wishlist. I look forward to reading it!