Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Hand crocheted thread tablecloth. It took Best of Show!

In the evenings, when I've had enough of the day, my husband and I join my father in the living room to watch a couple of his favorite shows or a movie with him. I have a bad habit of wanting to munch my way through the evening, so many, many years ago I took up crocheting and knitting to keep my hands busy and away from food and my mouth.

As I mentioned in the previous post, August is Fair month here in Crescent City, like it is in most areas of the country. I decided to participate this year and spent several months finishing a project I started some time ago. 

My mother used to crochet items with thread and gave me a couple of beautiful tablecloths that I used until we wore them out. I have a long table that is way too long for regular tablecloths when we put the leaves in, so I decided I’d make a tablecloth of my own. I am excellent at crocheting and even better at knitting, but my experience is with yarn, not thread, so this was a challenge and it was a tough pattern. I really do only work on my projects a little bit here and there, so it took me about a year to finish.

Anyway, I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves as to how it did in the Del Norte County Fair. Needless to say, I’m busting buttons. AND, now that I've got that done, I'll get more evening projects going when I get around to it, but I'm glad to put it aside for a while so that I can go back to writing. 

And now for my announcement...

My new book's cover reveal is just around the corner! The title, in case you're as excited to know about it as I am to mention it, is Grace Without Grace Stumbling into Romance.

Poor Grace. She's so clumsy, awkward, even cursed. Or so she thinks she is. She's been made fun of all her life, but she had one bright, shining moment in her senior year of high school when she thought the guy she'd been head-over-heels for since she was too young to remember was showing her a lot of interest. Then he did something that hurt Grace, and since then, she's refused to speak to him. 

Imagine being invited to a work-vacation with his sister--her best friend--only to find Rick there. Grace wants to take Hannah's car and leave but discovers she's forgotten her driver's license. What is she supposed to do?

Join my newsletter, and I'll get the info on the cover reveal date as soon as I have it! Thanks for dropping by.


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